“Smoke & Spice” BBQ Box (SHIPS IMMEDIATELY + Free US Shipping)


This hand-curated grilling & barbecue box includes SIX premium products, pitmaster-approved recipes for the products, plus exclusive deals and discounts from the vendors.


What’s inside:

  • Mrs. Griffin’s Original BBQ Sauce (12oz plastic bottle)
  • Morgan’s Carolina Q Sweet Hickory Sauce (12oz glass bottle)
  • PS Seasoning The Backyard – Better Burger (3.4oz glass shaker)
  • Wilder Condiments Sweet & Hot Mustard (2oz glass jar)
  • Sauce Goddess Fennel & Thyme Onion Dip + Spread Mix (.5 oz – makes 2 to 3 batches)
  • Bold BBQ Smoke ‘Ems by Bear Mountain BBQ (6oz packet – up to 45 minutes of real wood smoke)
  • Pitmaster-approved grilling and barbecue recipes for the products
  • Exclusive deals and offers from the vendors

Scan the QR code in the box for The Ultimate BBQ Experience!

Unlock the digital box overview with pitmaster-approved recipes for each product, supplier profiles, product info, and exclusive promo codes and deals from the vendors.

Free US domestic shipping…boxes available while supplies last!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


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