Learn How to Apply Dry Rub From The Pros

Do you love to cook on your grill but are looking to improve your barbecue skills? When you first begin cooking on your grill, you might not know the difference between a marinade and a dry rub.

That’s okay.

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In this blog post, we’re going to cover the best way to apply dry rub to your meats. The magic happens before you even put the meat on your grill.

Let’s get started.

1) Select the meat you are going to grill.

This may seem obvious, but many people don’t know that you can use a dry rub on any meat. Feel free to season chicken, lamb, fish, pork, beef and even goat meat with a quality dry rub.

If this is your first try using a dry rub, we recommend grilling a meat that you’re used to cooking. That way, the process seems familiar and you know what tastes and cooking times to expect. That way, you can compare your dry rub results with your old (no dry rub) ones.

2) Pick out the dry rub you’re going to use.

Most grocery stores have an aisle that’s set aside for grilling supplies. This aisle usually contains charcoal, wood chips, marinades and rubs. Go there and try to select a rub that will give you the flavor for which you’re looking.

There are tons of dry rubs available, and some perform better on select meats than others. For example, a good dry rub for beef ribs may not be the best choice for chicken breasts.

If you have no clue which rub to pick, look on the label.

Look for pictures of the meats the rub is recommended for, or examine any recipes on the back of the container. The photos and recipes give you a good idea of what meat goes with a particular dry rub.

3) When you get home, preheat your grill.

There’s no need to wait around after you apply your dry rub to your meat. You can put it right on the grill after you put on the dry rub.

If you want to wait or need to wait until later, that’s okay, too. Remember that you don’t have to wait for the spices to seep into the meat.

Rinse Meat In Cold Water

4) Remove your meat from the packaging and rinse it in the sink with cold water.

This is a quick and easy way to remove any surface contaminants from your meat. Anything left over from the packing and processing is washed away.

It’s always a good idea to take this step before you cook any store-bought meat in your home, whether you grill or not.

5) Blot the meat dry with paper towels.

This removes all of the water remaining on the surface of the meat from the rinse step,  and it prepares the meat for the next step.

Coat Your Meat With Olive Oil

6) Coat your meat with olive oil.

Apply a generous amount of olive oil to your meat and make sure it coats the entire surface of the meat.

You may need to brush it or massage it in with your hands to achieve a nice even coating.

7) How to Apply your dry rub.

For this step, we recommend using the wet hand/dry hand method.

Use one hand to apply the rub, and the other to vigorously rub the seasoning into the meat. For large slabs of meat, coat the food with the dry rub on both sides.

Make sure that you have a coating of dry rub covering the entire outer surface of your meat. Don’t be shy with the dry rub, because the more you apply, the more great flavor you’re going to get.

How To Rub Larger Meats

8) For larger meats like roasts or prime ribs, it can be more difficult for the rub flavor to penetrate into the meat.

Ball your hand into a fist and use your knuckles to grind the dry rub seasoning deep into the meat.

This will help the flavor reach the center.

9) Grill your meat.

Once you apply a generous layer of dry rub to your meat, you can transfer it directly to the grill.

Cook meats as you normally would. Ensure the internal temperature is heated to a safe level by checking your meal with a meat thermometer.

Remove the meat from the grill, let it sit if necessary.

Slice or serve, whichever you prefer. You’ll notice the difference in flavor with your dry rubbed meat instantly.


Here is a video tutorial showing how it is done!

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