How to season a new smoker

How To Season A New Smoker

Congratulations on purchasing your new smoker! Taking this action has moved you to another level of outdoor cooking. You aren’t going to simply grill. You are going to create meals filled with aromas and flavors you have savored at many barbecues and restaurants.

Cooking A Pig: Your Complete Guide

Strap yourself in and get your stomach ready, because we are about to take a full-length tour of our porcine friend to see how we can maximize our enjoyment of this succulent and tasty beast.

How To Smoke Ribs

Getting the great taste of summer in your backyard may not come easy to you. But, with a bit of knowledge and a few tips on how to smoke ribs, you can rule the backyard barbecue. Let us help you. After all, our goal is getting you to the “next level of flavor.”