Best Campfire Cooking Kits of 2022

You’ve finally managed to coordinate a camping trip for your family between all of your busy schedules. Time to get packing. Camping Gear? Check. Snacks? Check. Hiking Equipment? Check. Ingredients for a delicious BBQ? Check. Campfire Cooking Kit? Oh no. 

If we’re being honest, no camping trip is really complete without a portable campfire cooking kit, but deciding on which one to buy really isn’t easy. So, here are the best Campfire Cooking Kits of 2022. 

Tips To Keep In Mind: Regardless of whether you buy something from our recommendations or not, you should avoid any plastic or rubber components when purchasing a campfire cooking kit.

Bulin 37 Piece All-In-One Cook Set

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set ⬇

Bulin 13 Piece Camping Cookware Kit ⬇

Coleman Camping Cookware 

Stanley Adventure All-in-One 2 Bowl Cook Set ⬇

Here are our in-depth reviews on the 5 best campfire cooking kits of 2022:

Bulin 37 Piece All-In-One Cook Set

Bulin 37 Piece

When looking for the best campfire cooking kit for you and your family, the Bulin 37 Piece Mess Kit knocks the competition straight out of the campground. It comes with all the accessories you could need, and then some. This includes bowls, spoons, forks, knives, a water container, a backpack, and a ladle. 

The set also includes two pots, a pan, and a kettle. And as if that wasn’t enough, it comes in at just around 75 USD, and frankly, that’s a steal. 


  • Made out of anodized aluminum, so it’s definitely durable. 
  • Easy to store and carry, especially with the backpack it comes with. – Covers and containers for everything. 
  • Practical nesting design, easily collapsible. 
  • Easily accommodates 3-4 people at a time.


  • You probably won’t read the other options on this list. 
  • A little on the heavier side. 

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set

The Stanley Base Camp Cook Set is a close second to the top pick for the best campfire cooking kit for 2022. Calling it all-encompassing would be somewhat of an understatement, especially if you like having individual components for all your different cooking styles and needs. This particular campfire cooking set also comes with its own plates, knives, and forks. 

Coming in at around 90 USD, the Stanley Cook Set also comes with a three-ply frying pan, one extremely durable 3.5-liter pot, and its own spatulas included. 


  • All-inclusive, comes with its own plates for serving too. 
  • Made of Stainless Steel, which makes it super lightweight. 
  • Light weight, which makes it easy to carry. 
  • Extra Accessories (Cutting Board, Dish Rack) 
  • SPORKS!! 


  • Just a bit more expensive than the Bulin Camping Mess Kit. 
  • Difficult to store. 

Bulin 13 Piece Camping Cookware Kit

The Bulin 13 Piece is something like a younger brother of the Bulin 37 Piece, except for the fact that it has some obvious areas where its performance lacks. But when you look at its price, it ends up being almost 20 USD cheaper than the 37 Piece and still gets the job done pretty well. 

The 13 Piece includes a frying pan, a pot, a kettle, and plates and bowls for around 7 people, but loses out on some of the extra accessories like forks, spoons, and a rice ladle. 


  • The collapsible design fits into one neat package. 
  • Easy to carry around. 
  • Comes with bowls and plates includes.
  • Good all-around deal for the price. 


  • No non-stick coating on the pots and pans. 
  • No utensils are included in the kit. 
  • No usable handles on the pots and pans. 

Coleman Camping Cookware

My final two picks for the best campfire cooking kits of 2022 are minimalist, to say the least. If you aren’t looking for kits that have everything, and won’t break the bank either, these are picked entirely for you. 

The Coleman Camping Cookware set comes in at a cool 13.45 USD and includes all the basics that a campfire cooking set needs. A pot, a pan, a bowl, and a plate. The perfect set for the individual camper. 


  • Made of stainless steel, so it’s extremely lightweight. 
  • Collapses into one singular package. 
  • Amazing heat conductivity. 
  • Super cheap, great for camping on a budget. 


  • Not so impressive heat retention. 
  • Cannot be used over a direct flame. 
  • No non-stick coating, so food ends up sticking. 

Stanley Adventure All-in-One 2 Bowl Cook Set

The Stanley Adventure 2 Bowl Set is by no means a bad cooking set. But it’s at the bottom of this list for a reason. The only thing that the Stanley Adventure Cook Set has going for it is the fact that it is one single piece of cookware. 

It’s great for soups, coffee, tea, boiling eggs, and basically any form of heating up a liquid. But on that note, it really can’t handle tasks like frying eggs or cooking a proper meal. 


  • Easy to store and carry. 
  • Simple to use, not many pieces to think about.
  • Durable, heavy, and definitely built to last. 


  • Could be cheaper, but more versatile options are available. 
  • Not a lot of variety in cooking techniques. 

And there you go, those are our top picks for the Best Campfire Cooking Kits of 2022. Here’s to hoping they help you choose one for your next camping trip. Happy grilling!